PoliticalTracker.com and Azure

Tommy Patterson welcomes the folks from PoliticalTracker.com as they discuss their decision process for choosing Microsoft technologies in their daily operations. Tune in as they walk us through a bevy of real world scenarios in which they use Windows Azure , Office 365, Windows Server, SQL Server, Visual Studio and Skype.



[0:16] What is PoliticalTracker?

[6:18 DEMO: PoliticalTracker.com

[8:16] Windows Azure Overview, Virtual Machines, Web Services, etc.

[12:16] Visual Studio Virtual Machines in Windows Azure 

[20:36] SQL Server Virtual Machines in Windows Azure

[21:47] Bizspark Program for Startups, Discounts and Free Azure Services In Use

[29:31] Why do some people fear Azure SQL Databases?

[30:47] Office 365 in the Workplace, SharePoint, Outlook, Wiki

[33:10] DEMO: Office365 in Action

[34:50] Skype, Developers Overseas, Collaboration

[36:47] What's Coming Next for Political Tracker?


Also if you missed yesterday's digital short film, don't miss out, see it here!

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