Nokia Music REST API Windows and Windows Phone Sample

This sample demonstrate how you can use the Cross-API Starter-Kit to create an Artist browsing application using the Nokia Music REST API for Windows and Windows Phone.

First you need to download the solution from here and extract the contents to a local folder.

Next, you need to get a Client ID from Nokia.  After going through the registration process you will be allowed to register your app. At which point,  you should get your Client ID from a page like the one shown below.




Once you have a Client ID, open the solution with Visual Studio and open the file ApiResources.resx and set the value of the CLIENT_ID entry with the Client ID you received from Nokia.  The file is located in the project APIStarterKitAppCore. 




Set the Windows 8 App in the solution (CrossPlatWin8) as the start up project and run the application!



Finally, you can check the Windows Phone app, by setting the project CrossPlatWP8App as the start up project and running it.




Note: In some instances the Client ID doesn’t work immediately, so if you get an error while running the application after setting the Client ID for the first time, wait a few minutes and try again.

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