Meet the new version of Visual Studio – Visual Studio “14”

Today, Microsoft released the CTP 1 (Community Technology Preview) of the next version of Visual Studio, codename Visual Studio “14”. The next version of Visual Studio that includes “Roslyn”, the new .NET Compiler Platform that builds on a vision of an open-source compiler as a service for VB and C#.

The CTP also includes the next version of ASP.NET. ASP.NET vNext is a streamlined stack for building modern web applications for both cloud and on premises servers.

Visual Studio “14” continues to push forward the Visual C++ compiler on standards conformance for several features such as C++ 11 user-defined literals, inline namespaces, noexcept  as well as C++ 14 generalized lambda capture and std::user-defined literals.

Please note that these are very early bits and not recommended for production scenarios. For developers is also recommended to install this CTP on a clean machine or VM. Side-by-side installations with Visual Studio 2013 are not allowed.

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Download: Visual Studio “14” CTP 1

KB: Visual Studio “14” CTP 1 KB

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