Bing Image REST API Windows and Windows Phone Sample

This sample shows how you can use the Bing Image REST API to create an  image browsing application for Windows and Windows Phone.

First, download the sample solution from here. After the download completes, extract the content to a local folder. 

To run this sample you need to obtain an Account Key by signing up for the Bing Search API. You can sign up here

After signing up, click on the My Account link from the top menu and then click on the Account Keys link on the left navigation menu.

This will take you to the Account Key’s management page, where you will need to add a new key for your app.



Once you have your Account Key, open the solution in the local folder using Visual Studio. Locate and open the file ApiResources.resx and enter your Account Key as the value for the entry ACCOUNT_KEY. The ApiResources.resx file is located in the project ApiStarterKitAppCore.




Now, you can run the Windows App (CrossPlatWin8App) by selecting the project as the start up project and pressing F5!




Similarly, you can run the Windows Phone App by selecting the corresponding project  (CrossPlatWP8App) as the start up project. 


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