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  • From Idea to Execution – Developing the technology that drove the Nokia LumiaMoments – Arc of Wonder

    It’s not every day that you are given the opportunity to help execute an idea to recreate the infamous “famous bullet” effect from the Matrix using a very different set of tools: 50 Lumia 1020s. This effect would be the star of the new advertisement for the Lumia. What came next was an interesting app development challenge that would inevitably showcase the productivity of Microsoft’s development platform and tools. The goal? To create a camera app that would take full …

  • Bing Image REST API Windows and Windows Phone Sample

    This sample shows how you can use the Bing Image REST API to create an  image browsing application for Windows and Windows Phone.

    First, download the sample solution from here. After the download completes, extract the content to a local folder. 

    To run this sample you need to obtain an Account Key by signing up for the Bing Search API. You can sign up here. 

    After signing up, click on the My Account link from the top menu and then click on the Account Keys link on the left …

  • Nokia Music REST API Windows and Windows Phone Sample

    This sample demonstrate how you can use the Cross-API Starter-Kit to create an Artist browsing application using the Nokia Music REST API for Windows and Windows Phone.

    First you need to download the solution from here and extract the contents to a local folder.

    Next, you need to get a Client ID from Nokia.  After going through the registration process you will be allowed to register your app. At which point,  you should get your Client ID from a page like the one shown …