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  • Bing Image REST API Windows and Windows Phone Sample

    This sample shows how you can use the Bing Image REST API to create an  image browsing application for Windows and Windows Phone.

    First, download the sample solution from here. After the download completes, extract the content to a local folder. 

    To run this sample you need to obtain an Account Key by signing up for the Bing Search API. You can sign up here. 

    After signing up, click on the My Account link from the top menu and then click on the Account Keys link on the left …

  • Nokia Music REST API Windows and Windows Phone Sample

    This sample demonstrate how you can use the Cross-API Starter-Kit to create an Artist browsing application using the Nokia Music REST API for Windows and Windows Phone.

    First you need to download the solution from here and extract the contents to a local folder.

    Next, you need to get a Client ID from Nokia.  After going through the registration process you will be allowed to register your app. At which point,  you should get your Client ID from a page like the one shown …

  • Shared Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 View Model Creation

    In my APIMASH Starter Kit for EventbriteAPI, I included the View Models in a Portable Class Library project (APIMASH Eventbrite Core).  As I mentioned in earlier posts, I chose this approach so I could reuse them in both of my apps (Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8). 


    I also wanted to go a bit further, and with the goal of making the creation of view models for similar projects easier, I included in one of the portable libraries (APIMASH Core library, for more info see this …

  • Deserialize JSON response into a Dynamic Object

    Here I will discuss the approach I included in my APIMASH Starter Kit to deserialize a JSON response into a dynamic object.


    Before going into specifics of how I use dynamic objects in my APIMASH Starter Kit, let me provide some background information.  When you compile your code, the compiler checks if there’s an existing type defining the methods and properties of your objects, if this check fails, you will get a compilation error. In contrast, when you use dynamic …

  • Share your API calls across Windows 8 Store and Windows Phone 8 Apps

    In my previous post I discussed the functional behavior of my Starter Kit, I mentioned API invocation as one of the functionalities that can be abstracted out so you can shared them across platforms using a single library (leveraging the Portable Class Library project template). In this blog post, I will discuss the networking implementation (API Invocation) of my Starter Kit. Keeping this design goal in mind, I realized that while in a Windows 8 App, a call to the REST API typically uses the …

  • Share your code across Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 Apps

    I believe whenever developers embark in a new development project, they have a natural inclination towards trying to find a way to minimize the amount of code and mitigate the duplication of efforts. I certainly share this inclination and with this mindset I starter to work on my APIMASH Starter Kit,  and quickly gravitated towards the Portable Class Library (PCL) project template (included in the multi-platform versions of Visual Studio), as a mean to create a common platform for my …

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