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  • From Idea to Execution – Developing the technology that drove the Nokia LumiaMoments – Arc of Wonder

    It’s not every day that you are given the opportunity to help execute an idea to recreate the infamous “famous bullet” effect from the Matrix using a very different set of tools: 50 Lumia 1020s. This effect would be the star of the new advertisement for the Lumia. What came next was an interesting app development challenge that would inevitably showcase the productivity of Microsoft’s development platform and tools. The goal? To create a camera app that would take full …

  • Azure API Management and Azure Mobile Services


    Azure Mobile Services simplifies the creation of scalable REST APIs. Now, with the release of Azure API Management, you can complement your API with state of the art API management capabilities.

    In this blog post I am going to show you how you can use Azure API Management to manage your Azure Mobile Services API.


    But wait… What is API management anyway?


    Let’s assume you have a unique dataset that you want to expose for development consumption via a REST …

  • Azure Mobile Services as a API Cache, avoiding rate limits – Part 2


    In a previous post I discussed the details of using Azure Mobile Services as a caching tier for your API calls.

    As a quick overview, previously I showed you how you can use Azure Mobile Services a caching middle tier between your mobile application and a third party API provider. You could use this approach to reduce the number of calls that you make to your third party API and therefore avoid  API rate limit/ API throttling scenarios. Also, I walked through all the …

  • How to Implement full text search in your mobile application using Azure Mobile Services

    Search is one of those features that users expect and could be challenging to implement for mobile applications. In this blog post I will show how you can implement full text search capabilities for your mobile application using Azure Mobile Services with a .NET backend. The approach is quite simple and leverages some of the cool features of Azure Mobile Services such as custom APIs and the ability to schedule jobs. I will be using Lucene.Net, which is a stable port of the popular Java based …

  • Windows Phone Speech, Custom Grammars and HAL the Calculator – Part 1

    Introduction. Building speech driven apps in Windows Phone is quite easy. There are three key concepts that you need to become familiar with. These concepts are: Voice commands, text to speech and voice recognition. Voice commands are, like the name implies, directives that the OS have the ability to understand and act on them when spoken by the user, while activating your application and passing as a parameter any additional information so your app can respond accordingly. Since the voice …

  • Azure Mobile Services as an API Cache, avoiding API Rate Limits


    Let’s say you are using a third party REST API that allows you to cache its data in your mobile application, and everything is working great. But all of a sudden, you come across an unexpected challenge: the API calls have started to fail and your users are getting ugly errors. After doing your due diligence you pin point that this happens after your application exceeds a threshold on the number of API calls it makes. If this is the case you are likely to be the experiencing API …

  • and Azure

    Tommy Patterson welcomes the folks from as they discuss their decision process for choosing Microsoft technologies in their daily operations. Tune in as they walk us through a bevy of real world scenarios in which they use Windows Azure , Office 365, Windows Server, SQL Server, Visual Studio and Skype.     [0:16] What is PoliticalTracker? [6:18 DEMO: [8:16] Windows Azure Overview, Virtual Machines, Web Services, etc. [12:16] Visual Studio …

  • Reach for the sky: Cloud computing for small businesses– Online Class

      Check out the upcoming class, intro class into cloud computing at General Assembly. I will providing an overview of cloud computing for small business and start-ups, and how you can leverage Windows Azure for many of those scenarios. Hope to “virtually” see you guys there!

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