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  • Hacking NYC restaurant ratings using Azure Machine Learning.

    I delivered a session on Azure ML at the recent NYC Microsoft BigData hackathon. I had a great time exploring exciting machine learning scenarios and ideas with the attendees. Later in the day, while the teams were heads down working on their projects, I had open time to do some Azure ML hacking using the New York City restaurant inspection results dataset.

    The gist of the idea was to create a model that can predict the grade of a restaurant from the description of the violation. The results …

  • Using Azure Search in Your ASP.NET MVC Website

    Consider a scenario where you have a database-driven website and you want to enable full text search based on the data stored in your data back end. Typically, approaches to fulfill this scenario consist of using the database’s full text search capabilities or setting up third-party components that, in turn, you need to manage. In both cases, if you need to scale out, maintaining the search index (containing the searchable data of your application) becomes a challenging endeavor. Enter Azure …

  • Full-text search for your back-end using Azure Search and Azure Mobile Services


    In a previous blog post, I described the implementation of full-text search capabilities for your Azure Mobile Services back-end. With the recent availability of Azure Search —search as a service in Azure— I thought it would be useful to revisit the idea and modify it using this cool new Azure capability.


    #481668757 /


    Defining the Index’s Schema

    A document is the basic unit of data in Azure Search. Each document contains a set …

  • How to: Use Azure DocumentDB with Azure Mobile Services

    With the release of DocumentDB, developers now have access to a scalable, nimble, and robust NoSQL platform as a service in Azure. I thought it would be a good idea to showcase how you can use DocumentDB with Azure Mobile Services. But before we dive into the details, and with the goal of providing some insights into how I implemented this integration, let’s discuss some aspects of the design of Azure Mobile Services with a .NET back end.   #168580476 /   Note: …

  • Build a Recommendation System for your Blog or Web Site using Azure Machine Learning and Azure Mobile Services

    #184102522 /   Maybe you have noticed the panel with a post’s recommendations next to the blog post itself and wondered how it works. In today’s post I’ll describe the implementation of this feature, which leverages some really cool Azure technology including Azure Machine Learning (Azure ML), Azure Mobile Services and Azure Storage. But first, let me give you a quick overview of the approach to developing this recommendations mechanism and the rationale behind it. The …

  • Regressions with Azure Machine Learning


    In today’s post, I’ll explore how you can use Azure Machine Learning to perform regression analysis on a dataset.

    Regression analysis is a data mining process that identifies a model that depicts the correlation between an outcome and one or more predictors.  To explore this idea, the first thing we need is data!


    The Dataset


    One compelling source of data is the NYC Open Data portal. The portal features datasets containing a wide range of topics …

  • Geotag-Geopoint your Entities using Azure Mobile Services

    Associating your data with geo-location information could unlock powerful and highly useful scenarios for your application.  In this blog post, I will discus how you can associate, persist and use geo-location data with your entities.  The usage scenario I will be covering is how you can retrieve entities closest to a geo-point.

    But first, let’s review a few key concepts about geo-locations and calculation of distances.

    News: The Earth isn’t flat!

    If you think of the …

  • Meet the new version of Visual Studio – Visual Studio “14”

    Today, Microsoft released the CTP 1 (Community Technology Preview) of the next version of Visual Studio, codename Visual Studio “14”. The next version of Visual Studio that includes “Roslyn”, the new .NET Compiler Platform that builds on a vision of an open-source compiler as a service for VB and C#. The CTP also includes the next version of ASP.NET. ASP.NET vNext is a streamlined stack for building modern web applications for both cloud and on premises servers. Visual Studio “14” continues …

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